Up for sale is my daily driven 1996 Toyota 2WD 5 lug Extracab 5 spd manual. It was the DX model I believe.  I am asking 8500 OBO.  Since it was my daily driver for many years, I have taken good care of it, and hope it goes to somebody who will enjoy it as much as I have.  I am selling it because I have purchased a vehicle that seats four people.
Front end is a custom  3.5" over kit with upper and lower uniball.  The kit uses a stock 2WD  5 lug spindle.  Upper uniball is attached with a misalignment spacer similar to TC kit.  The lower uniball is attached to the spindle with a cup that mounts to stock mounting holes. The pictures show that material has been added to the stock spindle to increase strength. There is a 2.5" remote resevoir Fox coilover shock, with custom shock hoops and removable brace section between the drivers side and passenger side shock hoop.  There are 2.5" fox air bumps set in cans welded to the frame that bump off the lower control arm strike plate. Both the upper and lower control arms have zerg fittings for grease. Brakes are disc, pads were replaced 03/20.  Wheel bearing were replaced by me at the same time as the pads.
Rear end is the standard Toyota axle which has been re-geared to accomodate 33" tires.  I am not sure of the gear ratio, but it is correct for the 33" tires.  There is a custom bed cage, which supports the King 2.5" remote resevoir shocks that go through the bed to the axle.  Deaver spring pack with TC shackles and hangers.  Brakes are drum.  Most of the bed is still useable should you want to throw a dirt bike in there.  
The interior is gutted with the exception of the dash, and some plastic paneling in the extra cab section.  the floor and roof are painted, rattlecan. The cage has an internal A and B pillar, and the C pillar is external.  The cage is I believe 2.5" DOM, but it may be 2.75. I am not sure.  It is tucked very nicely to the cab, and plated in multiple spots with dimple die on the plating.  Cage goes through the floor of the cab, and is welded to plated areas of the frame.  The cage also connects through the firewall to the engine cage, and extends through the rear of the cab to create the C pillar, and connect to the bed cage.  The ceiling portion of the cage has the usual triangulated bars for strength. The AC and Heater are both working, but due to the location of the A pillar through the dash, the leftmost and rightmost vents are now cosmetic. The middle vents are wicked, however. the dash has no cracking, and all guages are working.  There is an autogage tachometer with shift light mounted on the A pillar just northwest of the guage cluster. 
The engine is the 2.4 L DOHC.  It has 245k on the odometer. I  purchased the truck in 1998 with 14k on the odometer, and was the second owner. It runs well, and still pulls, although it is definitely old.  The head gasket has been replaced 3 times throughout my ownership of the truck.  I have changed the oil at every 5k with standard 15/30, and oil filter at the same time.  Plugs, cap / rotor, and wires have been changed when necessary.  I have Downey headers on the truck, with the sticker on the underside of the hood.  There is a knockoff K&N Spectre air filter.  Exhaust is original tubing with a Flowmaster can, although I forget which one it is.  the truck has always passed smog, and does not throw any codes.  All engine work on this truck has been performed at Aloha automotive in San Marcos.  
There is a Kenwood stereo deck with AUX input female and Bluetooth connectivity.  There is an external mic in the cab for hands free calls.  There are no front speakers, as I had to remove the stock door coverings due to elements of the internal cage.  There are two 4.5" speakers in the stock location in the extra cab. I believe the head unit is 35 W / channel.  There is a 1000W amp that is mounted to the rear of the cab, which drives a Kicker 10" sub in a box.  It was a low budget setup, but it actually sounds quite good for what it is.
The battery is relocated to the passenger side rear beneath the fender with a tray mounted to the frame. It is an Optima yellow top.  All contacts are clean, and kept free of oxidation.  A alminum plate protects the exposed face of the battery / tray.
There are four Kragen HID lights mounted to the front bumper bar.  They are wired to a switch in the dash, and are installed correctly with relays.  The relays are situated below the passenger side speaker in the extra cab. All are working correctly. I replaced the stock headlights about three years ago with whatever Pep Boys lamps they had.  I recall asking for a step up from stock.  There is a crappy Harbor Freight amber lamp mounted to one of the rear bed shock hoops. 
Seats are the PRP wide suspension bucket seats with 5 point restraints. They are permanently located to the cage with tabs.  
33" BFG on Outlaw II. There is a spare 33" Goodyear also, but the rim is a different offset.  The tires were put on in 03/2020, and I typically drive about 4k / year.
There is an ammo can mounted in the extra cab for storage of tow strap, tools, fluids etc.
The good:
It is a very fun truck.  It's not some high $$ build, but it works very well for it's level.  I drove it out on every mission, and always kept that in mind while having fun. I would like to see it go to somebody who would be able to build and trailer.  It has a bunch of potential for somebody with the right resources. It has good street manners, and is "street legal". Title is clean, registration and smog are current. Tags are current.
The bad:
-It's a 1996, and the engine is running on stock injectors.  I am sure it is time for them to be rebuilt / replaced.  
-The truck needs somebody to do some general maintenance like painting things, fixing odds and ends (fasteners, rivets etc).  It would look cool with some new glass, and some bedsides, but  I didn't want to spend money there. 
- For safety,  a bar should be run through the B pillar to correctly mount the 5 point restraints. 
- Left front coilover has lost nitrogen pressure.  
-The windshield has been cracked in the same place for 15 years and I never cared to replace it. 
-The AC needs a recharge. 
-There is damage to the rear drivers side cab area where some idiot backed into the truck and bailed.
I no longer have the energy / time to work on this truck, as I have a new truck with new things to work on - lol.  

If you are interested in checking it out,  please call Bradley @ 760-644-3914. I am in San Marcos.  Best times are weekday evenings, or Saturdays.  I will only take cash for this sale.